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WEGE COMPANY is a social enterprise that advocates for a  green economy in Burundi through a circular economy that consists of transforming banana waste, paper waste, and rice straw into affordable, reusable,  recyclable, and 100 % eco-friendly packaging.


We envision a plastic-free world  where everyone has access to ecological packaging for environmental protection and sustainable development.

More about the vision

It’s not a secret the world and Burundi in particular, are faced with a highly challenging state of earth pollution and climate change fueled by the excessive use of plastic bags and other non-biodegradable packaging. According to the world Bank report, over 2 billion tons of plastic waste are generated globally each year.And Burundi itself gerenerates more than 81 tons of plastic waste on a daily basis. Beyond that, projections indicates that  by 2050, this figure could rise to 3.4 billion tons of plastic waste annually. Additionally, the world  experiences an unfair loss of USD $178 billion annually as  the cost of plastic waste on environmental degradation, climate change and hazardous health. Due to all above-mentioned problems,WEGE COMPANY's vision was born.


We promote the Green economy in Burundi through a circular economy which consists of treating banana waste,paper waste,and rice straw by transforming them into eco-friendly packaging.

More about the mission

90% of Burundian population deals with agriculture.After harvesting, banana waste, and rice straw are abandoned or burned by farmers which lead to increased household gas emission. However, since our beginning  in June 2021, we are sourcing our raw materials from  local farmers and  different farmer's cooperatives. We have also partnership with waste management entities and different printing companies. Our target is to make sure that all agricultural waste and all kind of biodegradable waste are collected for a sustainable supply of our raw material. Beyond that, we do partner with other organizations whether private or public to ensure sustainable solutions to earth pollution and climate change in Burundi.

Our Experience

– 8,5 million of eco-friendly bags with big size produced.

– 10,7 million of ecological packaging with medium size produced

– 15,6 million of ecological packaging with small size produced.

46,9 tons of paper waste recycled.

– 532,4 tons of agricultural waste materials turned into eco-friendly packaging.

At least 25,6 million of plastic waste are replaced.

– 20 job opportunities for unemployed youth and women are created.

 –15 fulltime employees

 – 5 path time employees.

 – More than 21.5 million kg of CO2 are reduced annually.

 – ( 7 wholesale Pharmacies, 23 detail pharmacies, 12 Alimentations, 2 chacoal manufacturing companies, 5 porridge manufacturing companies, and  450 boutiques) use our Product.

Our Products

For now, we produce and sell one product which is called NDIHOSE PACKAGE. It is affordable, reusable, recyclable, and  100 percent eco-friendly packaging made from banana waste, paper waste, and rice straw.
However, shortly, we hope to produce more products such as white papers, non-woven bags, cartons, and calendars from the same raw materials.
NDIHOSE PACKAGE  is most alternative to plastic bags for environmental protection. It is well decorated with different attractive images and  colors. It is more preferrable in different parties as wrapping gifts.
 It is made of two types, one with a handle on its top and the other without a handle.


We  are a green economy-based venture that transforms banana waste; paper scraps, and rice straws into eco-friendly packaging.We are dedicated to protect environment by providing innovative, green and sustainable solutions.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Eco-friendly solutions

By treating banana waste, paper waste, and rice straw as the raw materials of our products, we provide 100% eco-friendly packaging as we are fighting against the emission of methane which is 25 more toxic than CO2 to the air.

Waste management

We work in the way that promotes the recycling all kind of biodegradable waste for our society in order to reduce the amount of waste that would endup in landfills. We also collect waste from waste management entities as well as printing companies.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Fighting against earth pollution

Holding our own natural raw materials, we are providing 100% eco-friendly packaging which can be reused, recycled. It is also capable of composting only in one week when it is thrown in the nature while plastic takes hundred of years to decompose.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Fighting against climate change

We work in a promotion of climate resilience by reducing carbon emissions. This helps to mitigate climate change by reducing waste and promoting the use of renewable resources, which leads to a more sustainable future.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Reducing deforestation

Most of paper craft which is being used as the raw material of biodegradable packaging in so many industries are made after cutting several numbers of trees. However, our use of recycled materials reduces deforestation and preserving habitats for wildlife.

Created by potrace 1.10, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2011

Job opportunities

Statistically, 70% of graduate young people in Burundi don’t get a job after their studies. Through circular economy promotion, we are creating so many job opportunities for unemployed youth and women who didn't finish their schooling.


Jolis Nduwimana, the CEO and Founder of WEGE COMPANY was born in Karusi Province, the village situated in the central part of Burundi.  Back in 2017, after his high school Graduation; He lost his  beloved father shotgunned by unknown criminals. As the firstborn in a vulnerable family of small-scale farmers and breeders, He had to carry a heavy burden on his shoulder of helping his siblings to continue their studies.
 Holding a certificate in hands, he knocked on too many doors asking for a job but in vain.
Jolis Nduwimana decided to go in Bujumbura town (Economical Capital of Burundi) and start working as Karani (those people who help to transport heavy goods on head or on shoulders) for 2 years to help his family.
At the same time in 2018, He witnessed three of their cows losing weight to death because they swallowed plastics thrown into nature, and in his neighborhood animals were also dying massively.
After a long period of puzzling and hardship due to the lack of supplies in the family and the loss of their cows, He began to think of solutions to the above-mentioned problems. He came up with innovative and sustainable idea of treating banana waste, paper waste, and rice straw to manufacture eco-friendly packaging.
He then started conducting research and prototyping until he found a finished product that he branded NDIHOSE PACKAGE.
In June 2021, His dream became a reality.  He founded WEGE COMPANY an initiative which is beneficial not only for his family but the entire World by tackling environmental issues, adding value to banana plantations and creating jobs opportunities for unemployed youth in Burundi.


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